About Sophie

Hi I'm Sophie Wheatley of All Things Felt & Beautiful, welcome to my NEW online shop.  

As a needle felt artist and instructor for over 10 years - creating with wool fibres, and teaching my passion - I'm always striving to find the BEST needle felting supplies that I love to work with and that I know YOU as the customer will want to experience.

The wools and tools you will find here in my shop are tried and tested by me. 

Supplying good quality equipment mean that your needle felting projects are the best they can be - because you know that you're using the best wools that will work well for needle felting pictures or models.

You'll also find some kits that I have designed and I look forward to bringing you many more kits to choose from.

Enjoy having a look around and thanks for stopping by.


Find out more about my art and teaching at this link